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This IS your problm

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Many people say to me,  they have relationship problems, financial problems,  business problems and that list of problems go on.

I believe that no one has any of the above problems. They all suffer from one problem. They all have a commitment problem. When I say the word commitment, I am not talking about being faithful or not cheating. I am not even speaking of being loyal.

I define commitment as deciding what it is you desire, and then doing whatever it takes to make that desire a reality. This always means being extremely uncomfortable, feeling alot of pain, dealing with difficult and mean people, sacrificing things you love doing and sometimes not sleeping at all, or even having very little money or nothing in the bank account.

That is my definition of commitment.

If you commit to whatever it is you want, then you will do whatever it takes to make it possible. Whether it is to mend or improve a relationship or create a better financial situation. Commit to finding a solution, then commit to the action that is required. If you commit,  the  result you are wish for is 100% gaurenteed.

Most people unfortunately are committed to pain, victim hood, misery, heart ache, debt, and failure.

For me, success is not something that is measured or has an end result. Success is simply committing to the dreams of you heart. It is committing to singing your heart’s song.

So tell me again…that you have a relationship or financial problem?

Mohan H

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