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Hitesher Gef

Much ado about Love

I was asked again this weekend “how much do you love me?” I have written about this before and have even made a video with on it. I will share my reply this time.

“Much” refers to an amount or size. Size is relative. If I was an ant and I had to stretch my hands to show you how much I love you, then  this will be rather small. If I was a giant then then my arms will stretch really wide. But is this even enough?

If I can tell you how much I love you then my love is limited. If it is limited then it is conditional. I cannot love like this.

I love you. Full stop.

If I gave you  a 5 kg weight to carry, you may manage that easily. But if I gave you a 20 kg weight to carry, you may struggle to hold it for very long.

Love is like this. It isn’t about how much I can give you, it is about how much you are able to receive.
You can only get the love you think you deserve and the love you allow yourself to receive.

Mohan H

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