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The greatest story about life ever told.

This fun, energy packed workshop will take you through the 30 powerful Life principles. Be prepared for a session of light hearted comedy, magic, and all round entertainment with music, song and dance. Based on the best selling book, 30 Life Changing Laws, this Life Mastery workshop brings together all of the pieces of Life’s puzzle in one story that puts everything into perspective. Finally here is a workshop that bridges the gap between metaphysical laws and scientific laws bringing together body, mind and heart. In order to become a master of the Universe you must first master your own Life. By coming to understand the 30 Life principles in this workshop you then have the power to lead an incredible and inspired life, in which you experience fulfilment always in all ways, whether that is business or work, personal relationships, physical or mental health and finances.

  • Understand the process of Life
  • Fill in the missing pieces to your life
  • Increased energy
  • Change your perspective on your challenges
  • Find joy and contentment in everything
  • Power to serve others & yourself
  • Develop powerful and lasting relationships
  • Move from VICTIM to VICTOR
  • Be inspired by a great vision for your Life
South Africa

Dubai & Singapore

5 Hours

Notes included


per person

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