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Hitesher Gef

It’s beautiful to Fall

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I wonder when it was, that you learned to feel shame. It had to be somewhere between the ages of 0 and 7. When was the first time you felt embarrassed because you slipped or just tripped over something. Why did you feel that shame? Why did you go all red?

Answering those 2 questions are easy. You feel ashamed or embarrassed because you wonder what other people would say about you or even think about you. You worry you would be judged and labelled as silly or clumpsy or a little crazy or perhaps that they may even laugh at you.

Answering the very first question at the beginning of this message may be slightly difficult to answer and will take some time to uncover. It really doesn’t matter anyway.

What matters is that you feel this way.
You have trapped yourself into a prison without bars, which makes it harder for you to know that you are trapped. You cannot dress as you wish, you cannot say the things you want to say, you choose to not be yourself because someone else may think that who you are is stupid.

When did you take it upon yourself to believe slipping over an untied shoelace and falling to the ground was a shameful act? You surely learned this. Ignorance is bliss to the point that you know too much nonsense. Too much useless information that is hurting you rather than helping you. I have said repeatedly, that there is nothing to learn in life, but rather unlearn.

Falling down is okay. In fact what if falling down was beautiful? Who decided falling on your face was a terrible thing?
The beautiful thing about falling is that you open yourself up to be supported to get up again. And if there is no one around at that particular time, you learn that you are strong enough to pick yourself up!

Choose to no longer feel embarrassed or carry shame if you are weak, if you fail, if you lose, if you fall…

The weight of shame will hold you and keep you stuck where you are. It is far too heavy. Shame is not meant to be carried.
Let it go and be free. Whatever shame you are holding on to, it’s time to set yourself free from this self imposed prison.

Mohan H

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