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Hitesher Gef

Is the shadow real?

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Would you ever confuse the shadow of your hand for your real hand? Do you believe that the shadow of your hand is more real than your actual hand?
I am most certain that you would not.
You know, without a doubt that the shadow is an illusion. You are aware of this.

However, let’s take this one step further. Why does the shadow exist? The shadow exists because light exists. Light is the source of the shadow. The light existed, and then the hand did, followed by the shadow.

What does this have to do with you?
Well, everything actually. You live as is you are the shadow. You live daily as if the real you is the shadow. You then live your life with perceived problems and pain. Am I denying problems and pain do not exist? Am I denying shadows exist? No, not at all. Shadows are real, just as problems are real. However they are as real as you make them to be. I know I am not the shadow. A rise in consciousness will take me to the level of knowing I am the human being. Beyond that I move into enlightenment, to the state where I know I am the light.

Enlightenment is nothing more than forgetting all that you currently believe you are. When you remove all the unnecessary bits, the real you reveals itself.

Remember the shadow is flat, one dimensional, limited and is controlled by something.

The light however, exists everywhere, is multi-dimensional, is infinite, and free.

Stop playing the game of life as a shadow.

You are a brilliant shining light. A super star. A miracle.

Mohan H

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