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Hitesher Gef

Infinite Energy Within

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Within your finite body, exists is an infinite source of power.
Exactly how this body is designed to keep such a vast amount of power without completely imploding on itself, never seizes to amaze me.
What does amaze me though, is how human beings can have access to this infinite, abundant source of great energy and power, yet do nothing to tap into it and harness that power to live great lives.

It is akin to having your bank account filled $10 million, yet each day, you spend counting the cents to buy a single meal.

Before you can access the “money” – you will have to first become aware that it is there in your bank account. To be aware is to be conscious, to be fully present.
Then, when you know this very truth, you can either accept that it is true or you can deny it. If you deny it, you may go to the “bank” and report an error in your account. Once the bank has confirmed that the money indeed is yours, you have to then withdraw the funds. At this point, you will need to know your personal identification number (PIN). This is assuming, you have your bank card with you, and know where to find an ATM.

The process to access your money that is rightfully due to you, may be quite a lengthy and laborious one. It can take effort and may require some patience as well.

The process to tap into the infinite source of energy that exists within you, takes much effort and requires the practice of many modalities. However, just as you may perhaps think that the person who has $10 million in his bank account, would be a fool to not claim his wealth, would you also not be a fool to access that energy that is available to you?

When you have access this infinite power, your life begins to kick into over drive and each moment becomes more beautiful than the next.
Know that you are the source of all things, you are the center of very creation.\


Mohan H

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