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A journey of a thousand miles begins with ice cream...

Jessica sat on the beach, teary eyed as she replayed thoughts of how miserable her life was. The only good thing was that life could not get any worse as everything that could go wrong, had gone wrong.

The person she loved was cheating on her, she lost her job because she was accused of theft, her parents believed she was useless, her bank threatened to close her account due to lack of funds, and she recently discovered a lump in her breast to which she was awaiting results.

She looked at the vastness of the ocean hoping that it would swallow her whole.

Jessica silently prayed for help as emotions overflowed from her broken heart and poured out through her glistening tears. She did not know what to do anymore. Her only hope for transformation was in the form of a wise elderly man named Thomas and his canine companion Monty.

Thomas promised that he could help her turn her life around by offering her ice cream. She thought that perhaps she was life’s personal practical joke. “How could ice cream change her life anyway?”. By accepting his early morning offering, she didn’t realize that she had set a ripple effect off that would impact her, and other’s lives forever. The next 7 days would offer a conversation, unlike anything Jessica had ever experienced. She was privy to sacred teachings on body, mind, heart and soul, covering every area in life from health, finances, purpose, relationships, and spirituality.

Could she turn it all around? Follow Jessica and Thomas on their journey and participate in a conversation that has the power to bring about transformation in your own life.

People are already giving it rave reviews

I learned something on every page. I read the book with a highlighter and its covered in yellow! I love it!

Clara Francis

If you like A Monk who sold his Ferrari, you are going this love this book. I could not put the book down!

Edgar Korn

I felt I could relate to Jessica. As she transformed in the story, so did I. But that ending though! WOW!

Henry Cough

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