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The Heart of Relationships

Find the perfect relationship or enhance the one you have

Experiencing human relationships, especially of one with a romantic partner is what makes this human experience that much magical and fun. However, there are times in a relationship where there is too much pain, misunderstanding, mis-communication and mis-perception which can lead to disappointment, stress, heart ache, deep sorrow and pain. The heart of relationships seminar, workshop and private consultations are there to provide insight into understanding ourselves and our relationships, taking you from the depths of pain and sorrow to feeling fulfilled and joy, to experience true love and pleasure.  

  • Understand what Love really is
  • Dealing with betrayal, resentment & abuse
  • Effective communication with your partner
  • What is a Soul mate, Life partner & Twin Flame
  • Learn of the myths of relationships
  • Learn the dynamics of human relationships
  • Getting over that heart break & moving on
  • Attracting your ideal partner
  • Learn Self Love
South Africa

Dubai & Singapore

1 Day

8 hour course

1500 pp / 2000 per couple

per person

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