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Are we Artificial Intelligence?

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From the early 80’s of the Terminator movies to more recent Avengers movie. We see how machines are taking over the world and even controlling the world.
A simple thing like a smart phone, if left at home or dies, puts our life into one of chaos. Can you imagine what far more smarter machines could do?

We have been warned that these machines could develop the ability to think and even feel. To be able to make decisions on their own, creating their own path or algorithms.

I’m sure that if we asked a machine, “What does it feel like to be a machine?”
Surely the answer may be “I am not a machine.”

I wonder, if we – human beings – were once machines. If we were once human beings 1.0 #
Where we then were upgraded to human being 9.0 with an exoskeleton that feels soft amd smooth? Are our body parts simply the product of sheer genius engineering?
If I showed you an iPhone 50 years ago you would have been blown away by the inner and outer design. You would tell me that it is impossible and that no human being could have created such a thing! Yet, today these designs are expected and even better phones are envisioned. Do we not say this about the human body to? That it is so beautifully designed and constructed. Trillions of calculations and reactions taking place in a nanosecond. Remember the first computer fitted in a large room and required many people to make it do a few calculations that took hours. Now that same computer fits on your finger tip and self functions billions calculations in a second. This was a about 40 years ago.

Are we the Artifical Intelligence that is now able to think and feel for ourselves? We have the ability to replicate ourselves. Complex computer viruses can make duplicates of itself and spread.

You may wonder about the soul then.
Well my smartphone can last days on ultra power saving mode. Can we not last years? No one can see the electricity in my phone. You can tear is apart but it is not there. But it exists. You know it has to because the phone functions.
Could it not be that there is a power that makes us function? You can call it soul or spark of divinity or atma.

Finally, the big question. GOD.
Who really was our creator? Is our “father” an engineer? Or perhaps a visionary like Steve Jobs?

Again, let’s imagine God to be electricity.
Was electricity invented? Discovered? The answer to both these questions are a no. It always was there. It just existed. The electricity in my bedside lamp does not worship a power plant at Eskom. Why would it? It is not separate from the electricity. It is one and the same. Your ego will kick on about now….
How can I compare a human to God? you ask. Well does my beside lamp function differently from a street lamp? What makes these lamps function? It’s the same. Both run on electricity. The electricity from the bedside lamp does not become one with the street lamp when it’s bulb goes off. This is crazy talk. It always was and is connected to its source.

You cannot deny that what I say could be true. That we are Artifical Intelligent beings who were created as machines and evolved over time. That we were created by a genius who was actually human. The original human. Who created us in his image.

It’s a rather interesting thought.

Open you mind.

Mohan H

Mohan H Surujbally is a South African Author and Inspirational Speaker.
Visit: www.hiteshsurujbally.com

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