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Moving out of Fear and into Love.

I assist in aligning you to your deepest values and supporting your journey to make your dreams come true by teaching you how to move out of your head and into your heart.

By shifting your perceptions, paradigms, and beliefs you can overcome personal challenges and live your life without, worry and pain, turning it instead into love, personal power, and purpose.



An Unlikely Conversation about Life, Love, God & Sex.

by Hitesher Gef

Thomas promised that he could help Jessica turn her life around by offering her ice cream.  By accepting his early morning offering, she didn’t realize that she had set a ripple effect off that would impact her, and other’s lives forever. The next 7 days would offer a conversation, unlike anything Jessica had ever experienced. She was privy to sacred teachings on body, mind, heart and soul…

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personal coaching

I work with people from across the world daily, in helping them breakthrough their limitations, negative emotions, gain clarity of purpose, mend broken relationships, and be inspired to  live an extraordinary life. 

Business Consulting

I help drive your business to success by offering solutions as I offer a unique and clear perspective on the most pressing challenges in your business. The most important asset of your business is your staff. Invest in their development.

Workshops & Keynotes

I offer a range of workshops to the pubilc and corporate sector, related to body, mind, heart and soul, as well as leadership and success. A keynote can be specifically tailored to meet your needs or you may choose one of my list of talks. 

What Clients Say

As the anecdote goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I stumbled upon Hitesh’s first book when I needed to start my healing journey and it has been a constant companion since then. A truly remarkable teacher and author.
Rookaya Vawda
Hitesh is the most amazing and deeply spiritual person I know, he has such wisdom for one so young and has a real gift for teaching others through his creative writing, his books are a must for all who are searching for the truths in life.
Beryl Bazley
If you could harness the power of a raging tornado, dress it in human clothes, you would get Hitesher Gef. Like a Gummi Bear – here, there and everywhere – he bounces around dispensing wisdom, positivity and confidence.
Ravi Govender
Hitesh is a Soul who cannot be held down or held back – his inner wisdom, and his zest for life and empowering that of those around him is inexhaustible.
Petra Nicol
…and it will never be the same. Its impossible not to follow Hitesh’s high energy, empowering and transformational road to a new you. Truly inspiring.
Heike Sym
Hitesh is a young vibrant individual, with the natural nag to inspire and guide individuals into being the best possible person they could be.
Ashleena Howathbehari
Hitesh’s enthusiasm is unstoppable as he guides people masterfully & effortlessly towards a positive mind track of breakthrough clarity of living their greatness.
David Groode
Hitesh is an amazing young man who has incredible insight into life, thus offering extraordinary advice for life’s ordinary challenges with great understanding and empathy.
Liz Viviers

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